CNC Knee Type Vertical Mill with ACU-RITE MillPWR

Model MP-2, MP-3 CNC Control

The control is factory installed on 2 axes (Table, Saddle) (Model MP-2)
Or 3 axes (Table, Saddle, Quill) (Model MP-3) of the following SHARP mills
Model: LMV/MP-2 (2 axes), LMV/MP-3 (3 axes) CNC Mill
Model: LMV-50/MP-2 (2 axes), LMV-50/MP-3 (3 axes) CNC Mill
Model: TMV/MP-2 (2 axes), TMV/MP-3 (3 axes) CNC Mill
Model: TMV-1/MP-2 (2 axes), TMV-1/MP-3 (3 axes) CNC Mill

  • Precision ground ball screws with preloaded ballnut assembly
  • Digital servo drive system for each axis
  • 3 axes digital readout
  • Safety hand wheel
  • Automatic lube system